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Canada Sees a Greener Future Ahead Thanks to the Oil and Gas Industry

Businesses in the oil and gas industry are wrongly painted as evil. While former practices of the industry have recently been discovered as harmful, companies in the field are taking this feedback and improving their work in every conceivable way. News out of Canada indicates just how far the oil and gas industry has come, with the nation’s exploration and production (E&P) companies and cleantech startups leading the charge in greener, more sustainable efforts. Continue reading

First Lady Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush Passes Away at 92

On April 17, 2018, after battling chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, congestive heart failure, and Graves’ disease, Barbara Bush passed away at her home in Houston, Texas at the age of 92. During a long and meaningful life, Barbara Bush served as both the First and Second Lady of the United States. During her tenure as First Lady, Bush dedicated herself to the cause of universal literacy and eventually founded the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy. Continue reading

Oil drilling rig, northern British Columbia, Canada

As the Canadian Oil and Gas Market Flounders, U.S. Companies Prepare for Increased Investments

Today, Canada’s federal government announced plans to spend upwards of $280,000 on a new study examining how competitive the northern nation is in the oil and gas industry. Natural Resources Canada prepared an advance contract award notice that was made public yesterday, calling for an outside supplier to conduct the work for the study, identifying international consulting firm Wood Mackenzie as the preferred candidate. The advance contract award notice stated that the Canadian oil and gas industry fell by over 50 percent between 2014 and 2016. Continue reading

Oil & Gas - High Desert District

American Oil & Gas Companies Build Relations with International Governments

This week, American oil and gas businesses stepped into the role of ambassadors representing their nation’s best interests abroad with deals in both Mexico and Saudi Arabia. Agreements struck with both international governments also demonstrate American dedication to bolstering economies outside of the United States, while providing jobs for hard-working oil and gas experts around the world. Continue reading


Upstream Petroleum Management Is Celebrating 5 Years!

On March 4, 2018, the team at Upstream Petroleum Management will mark their fifth year serving the oil and gas industry’s regulatory needs. The previous half decade has delivered its share of difficulties and victories, but Upstream founder Kim Rodell has overseen a period of consistent growth, carving out a niche in the oil and gas’ challenging regulatory sector.

Just five short years ago, Kim opened the doors of Upstream Petroleum Management, Inc. with a handful of clients, decades of industry insight, and a universal commitment to relationship building and customer service. Over the years, the family at Upstream has stayed together, growing as professionals and adding to their knowledge with each passing year. Andrea Gross, Mitchell Dix, Angela Callaway and Shea Andress have been working tirelessly for clients since day one.

Upstream has even added talent to the team in Tish Jenkins, a veteran oil and gas employee with a Master’s Degree from the University of Denver. Buoyed by a growing number of satisfied customers and a reputation for excellence, Upstream Petroleum Management, Inc. continues to grow.

Over the last five years, Kim has become an active member of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association, the Denver Petroleum Club, and Women in Energy, in addition to taking on a role as a board member of the Western Energy Alliance. The CEO is thrilled to put these experiences to work for every one of her clients.

As Upstream approaches this pivotal benchmark, we want to convey our immense gratitude for the people who have helped us thrive in a competitive world.

We cannot say enough about our loyal clients and our extensive list of government contacts. The men and women with whom we have forged valuable relationships have helped forge Upstream into the company it is today.

To the operators who have kept our number in mind even after changing companies, to the customers who have passed our name along, to the extensive list of people who have helped nurture our business since we opened our doors, we say thank you.

We look forward to another five fantastic years honoring our commitment to our community and introducing customers to the entire Upstream family. Together, we can work toward a brighter future.

Thank you for Five Great Years!

Upstream Petroleum Management, Inc.

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Colorado’s Oil and Gas Landscape Faces Bountiful, But Uncertain Future

Oil and gas fever is sweeping the planet. Nations large and small are either beginning to reap the benefits of an energy program or becoming mired in bickering between industry experts and a handful of environmentalists. Either way, every country capable of doing so is moving forward with plans to develop their own energy solutions. In spite of all those programs in the works, Colorado’s oil and gas landscape remains one of the most eventful.

If you haven’t been keeping tabs on the state’s ever-changing oil and gas scene, there’s no need to fear. We’ve catalogued the biggest and best stories for February right here.

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