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When he took the podium for a victory speech in his decisive victory over Republican Walker Stapleton, Jared Polis was ebullient when he declared that Colorado was “an inclusive state that values every contribution.” Polis was referring to his place as history’s first openly gay state governor, but he may as well have been talking about the future of his state. Even as the Centennial State gains notoriety for its progressive social politics, the backbone
President Barack Obama holds a press conference in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House, Dec. 19, 2014. (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)
Speaking to students and guests at Texas’ Rice University earlier in the week, former President Barack Obama overflowed with self-congratulatory statements, particularly when it came to his “success” with the oil and gas industry. When the former POTUS took credit for the energy industry’s current boom, he didn’t mince words.  Neither did the industry when it responded to his baseless claims. ‘That Was Me, People’ Speaking at an event on November 27, former President Barack
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Things looked a little precarious there for a while, folks. For the thousands of Americans who make up the US oil and gas industry, the 2018 midterm elections served up more than their fair share of anxiety as the oil and gas industry found itself on the receiving end of a tidal wave of negative attention across the country. Newspapers online outlets across the country ran a serious campaign in support of several ballot initiatives
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Over the last few months, as Colorado became a battleground for oil and gas politics, several oil and gas companies operating in the resource-rich Denver-Julesburg Basin chose to set aside the political tumult in favor of supporting those in need in their communities. When Colorado Make-a-Wish employee Stacie Winslow found herself with 13 wishes to be granted in the state’s DJ Basin, she began her search by placing a call to a Make-a-Wish Colorado board
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In July, the United States Environmental Protection Agency underwent some turmoil when administrator Scott Pruitt was forced to resign. His deputy, Andrew Wheeler, quickly ascended to the top job at the EPA. From day one, Wheeler has steered his “new EPA” in a bold, new direction. A Partnership With the Energy Industry Over his time as the acting head of the EPA, Wheeler has worked tirelessly to reinforce a scientific standard at the agency. He
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Just two weeks away from election day, easily the most contested piece of legislation facing Colorado voters is controversial oil and gas measure Proposition 112. Though simple reason dictates that such a disastrous measure shouldn’t have even made the ballot, there it is, awaiting voter response on November 6. Perhaps even worse, recent polls indicate that the initiative could pass. Not only would that be cataclysmic for the future of Colorado, but it wouldn’t do
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Less than a month away from a pivotal vote in the Colorado elections, the campaign to denigrate hydraulic fracturing is in full swing. As the press parades anecdotal evidence of discontent Coloradans and dubious scientific evidence in voters’ faces, it’s important to remember the facts behind hydraulic fracturing, because this energy extraction process is nowhere near as harmful as its opponents would have you believe.  What Is Fracking? Without diving into the nitty-gritty of this
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On Tuesday, Hurricane Michael slammed into the Gulf of Mexico with a vengeance. The swift-moving storm carved a path of havoc as it decimated cities throughout the Florida panhandle, leaving six dead and more than 350,000 people without power and water. Still, as the skies clear and the nation sets about rebuilding in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, the Gulf oil and gas industry is breathing a sigh of relief. Hurricane Michael By the Numbers
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With just a scant few weeks until a pivotal Colorado election, there’s more and more coverage being heaped on a controversial ballot initiative, Proposition 112. Prop 112 aims to enforce a statewide 2,500-foot setback rule that would prohibit any oil and gas project operating within 2,500 feet “buffer zones around ‘vulnerable areas’ and ‘occupied structures.’” That may sound protective, but the impending legislation has much more nefarious underpinnings. With each passing day, another new editorial
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Last week, the price of oil nudged above $70 per barrel for three days. In years past, that kind of price increase would have economists break out in hives, and US consumers steer clear of stores. Almost miraculously, however, that hasn’t happened. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The economy is improving, and according to AAA, most drivers are noticing a cumulative drop in prices at the pump. The reason for this development is the