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After a spate of new proclamations, newly-elected Colorado Governor Jared Polis is a bright shining star on the left. Now that the plans are public, however, the governor’s personal crusade to squash the state’s thriving oil and gas industry threatens to undo all the governor’s other ambitious (and costly) work. Pushing Colorado in a Controversial Direction In a State of the State delivered on January 10, buried underneath a slew of potentially infeasible social programs,
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As China continues to grow with an unmatched intensity, it’s leaders and people alike clammer for an ever-growing amount of oil and gas. This constant cry has lead China to become the world’s largest importer of shale oil. Though China boasts the world’s third highest technically recoverable deposits of shale oil, the energy-hungry nation has yet to find success tapping its vast reserves. Until now. A fresh discovery in China’s northwestern region could have implications
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Not to be put down after their defeat in last November’s elections, anti-energy activists in Colorado wasted no time orchestrating another round of legislation aimed at restricting the state’s thriving oil and gas industry. On Monday, however, the state’s Republican Party played their hand, demanding that the Senate read aloud a 2,000-page bill unrelated to SB 181. The strategy is an ingenious tactic masterminded by GOP State Senator John Cooke, who hopes the reading will
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On Thursday, several prominent Colorado Democrats appeared to make good on their joint campaign promises when they announced two extensive reforms for the state’s booming oil and gas industry.   Unfortunately for the handful of politicians who stood up for their celebratory pat on the back, their announcement hasn’t generated buzz from advocates on either side of the Colorado oil and gas industry. More Power in Local Hands Of the two significant changes in mind for
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It’s easy to see the fledgling UK oil and gas industry as a microcosm for the issues we have in the United States. In some cases, the problems facing the UK’s energy sector are more pronounced than those at home. Take, for instance, the seemingly unending number of difficulties facing fracking company Cuadrilla as they launched their first fracking well in Lancashire. The fracker saw years of protests and litigation before they were able to
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We’re winding down on NAPE Summit 2019, one of the oil and gas industry’s most important annual gatherings. If you’re unfamiliar with this annual networking and educational event, you’re missing out on a major oil and gas event that has serious implications for the coming year in energy. Growth Through Cooperation First launched in 1993 by the American Association of Petroleum Landmen (AAPL), the North American Prospect Expo Summit, or NAPE Summit, has expanded over
Over the last several months, the United States energy industry celebrated a hugely significant milestone: a return status as one of the world’s net energy exporter. New discoveries in sites like the Permian Basin have revealed the United States is sitting on a massive reserve of oil and gas, and entrepreneurs throughout the nation are ready to charge into this brave, new world.   Don’t confuse “net energy exporter” with “energy independent,” however. There’s still
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In late January, anti-fracking organization Colorado Rising filed a suit in Broomfield in which it accused Colorado’s forced pooling policy of being borderline criminal. The organization which grabbed headlines last year for their very vocal (and ultimately pointless) crusade to double the state’s oil and gas setback distance has now turned their attention to forced pooling. And why shouldn’t they? On paper, this often-overlooked oil and gas bylaw sounds very scary. After all, the word
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The Trump administration is showing blatant favoritism to the energy industry.  That’s the complaint coming from several critics of the current administration who feel that state and federal outlets of the Department of the Interior should cease any and all oil and gas-related business while the government is shut down. It’s certainly tempting to believe that the president is twisting the government to his own capitalism-loving ends, but there’s nothing wrong (ethically or legally) with
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Just like to tragic historical happening for which it was named, the modern day “Children’s Crusade,” as it was dubbed, has concluded in defeat. Frankly, it’s about time. Martinez v. COGCC For those unacquainted with the long-running battle, the COGCC has been under attack since 2013, when Xiuhtezcatl Martinez filed a petition with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (or COGCC) that demanded the regulatory agency suspend all new projects until they could prove