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In late August, President Donald J. Trump announced a “big trade agreement” with our neighbors to the south, Mexico. A major portion of the United States-Mexico Trade Agreement would address issues with the North American Free Trade Agreement, such as the “sunset clause.” Jesus Seade serves as the chief negotiator for the Mexican government, working closely with U.S. trade representative Robert Lighthizer. A critical component of the new agreement is establishing a review process that
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Last week at the Colorado Oil and Gas Association’s annual Energy Summit, both Republican gubernatorial candidate Walker Stapleton and Democrat Jared Polis addressed their positions about Colorado’s current and future energy policy. Despite three disruptions from protesters, who were eventually escorted out of the event, Polis laughed off the situation and discussed his vague plans for the Rocky Mountain State while Stapleton focused on the numbers. On Overall Energy Policy Oil and gas fuel Colorado’s
When Donald Trump led the United States out of the Paris climate agreement last June, he was lambasted by the left for putting the national and global environment in peril. A little over a year later, however, it would appear that the numbers are skewing the other direction. The U.S.A. Is #1 Over the course of 2017, the United States economy grew by three percent. Specifically, the oil and gas sector ramped up production after
During the reign of the Soviet Union, the Caspian Sea was considered a natural border, evenly divided by Russia and Iran. In the years following the fall of the Soviet Union, however, the Caspian found itself straddled by five new countries. For decades, Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan have vigorously disputed ownership of the land-locked sea. On Sunday, however, the nations took their first step toward a peaceful distribution of the Caspian’s vast natural
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Over the last several weeks, anti-fracking protestors from around the country have flocked to Colorado to gather signatures for controversial ballot Initiative 97. Much to the dismay of the state’s energy sector, it appears as though the activists may have won a significant victory in the fight to turn Initiative 97 in the law of the land.  But hope isn’t lost just yet. The Aforementioned Victory To turn an initiative into a measure, supporters of
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If we’re dependent upon the organizational skills of the top-level operators hoping to put Colorado Initiative 97 on the ballot, then it looks like the state oil and gas industry doesn’t have too much to worry about. Anti-fracking organization Colorado Rising has spearheaded the gathering of signatures over the last several weeks in the hopes of getting Initiative 97 on the ballot in November. Unfortunately, thanks to what The New York Times referred to as
The oil and gas climate in the United States is mostly positive at the moment. After several rough years, a friendly administration has allowed the professionals of America’s energy sector a few months to breathe. There’s no time to celebrate in Colorado, however, as the oil and gas sector is prepping for a fierce battle at the ballot box in a few months time. The Most Restrictive Initiative in Years With each new election cycle,
In the United States, there is an ongoing war on the people who provide oil and gas to their fellow citizens. While most of the vitriol is aimed at the men and women who sit on the boards of major companies, the unwarranted assault on oil and gas is felt by everyone employed in oil and gas. An average employee in the energy sector, whether they work in the fields or the office, tend to
In spite of all the good work that Scott Pruitt has done as the head of the EPA, in early July, he decided to call it quits, ending one of the most fascinating periods in the history of the government agency and creating a cloud of uncertainty around the future of the EPA’s current deregulatory trend.  No, ‘Scandals’ Didn’t Have Anything to Do With It As much as the mainstream media is working to convince
With incumbent governor John Hickenlooper being ousted this fall thanks to term limits, Colorado citizens will have the joy of watching two new hopefuls battle it out for the title of governor of Colorado. Though several topics will inevitably get coverage over the course of the campaign, the future of Colorado’s energy sector will necessarily remain front and center. That’s why it’s so important to know what the major gubernatorial candidates — Democrat Jared Polis