Colorado’s Oil and Gas Landscape Faces Bountiful, But Uncertain Future

Oil and gas fever is sweeping the planet. Nations large and small are either beginning to reap the benefits of an energy program or becoming mired in bickering between industry experts and a handful of environmentalists. Either way, every country capable of doing so is moving forward with plans to develop their own energy solutions. In spite of all those programs in the works, Colorado’s oil and gas landscape remains one of the most eventful.

If you haven’t been keeping tabs on the state’s ever-changing oil and gas scene, there’s no need to fear. We’ve catalogued the biggest and best stories for February right here.

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Oil and Gas Has the Opportunity to Rebuild Right

Now that the price of oil is once again climbing, there are some among the oil and gas industry who worry that the industry won’t be able to find enough qualified employees to fill the gaps in the field. After several thousand job losses between 2015 and 2016, the prospective pool of oil and gas employees is smaller than ever. However, there is room for hope, because two significant factors are working in favor of oil and gas companies throughout the world.

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What Do Rising Gas Prices Mean for the Entire US Economy?

In the space of a week, Hurricane Harvey has flooded miles of real estate, displaced thousands of Texans, and shut down more than ten percent of the United States’ ability to refine and extract oil and gas. Even if you’re not being bombarded with wind and rain, the impact of Hurricane Harvey will still be felt for some time to come. In fact, the price of a gallon of gas has climbed 18 cents since Hurricane Harvey struck in late August.

That price hike is bad enough for the average driver, but a climbing gas price is just the catalyst for several more troublesome economic repercussions. Here’s what the experts are forecasting.

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Nigeria Is Working to Reestablish Its Credibility On the World’s Oil and Gas Stage

It’s been a tough road for Nigeria as the oil-rich country has struggled to build up its energy industry. In spite of the nation’s ample resources and apparent willingness to commit themselves to oil and gas extraction, a small pocket of corruption has plagued the African nation’s development. Now, after years in the grip of a handful of scam artists, Nigeria is working its way back from the brink, and economic stability might be right behind it.

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The Decline in Active Wells Is Good News for Oil and Gas

Over the last six months, the United States oil and gas industry has seen incredible expansion. In June of 2016, the industry claimed 431 active rigs operating in the US. As of June 30, 2017, that number had leapt to 940 active rigs. Seven hundred and fifty-six of those are pumping oil, and 184 are extracting natural gas. The rise in production represents thousands of new jobs created since July of last year.

The last week in June, the United States’ overall rig count fell by a single rig. After 23 straight weeks of robust expansion in which the US oil and gas industry has reached 940 active rigs, the sudden downturn might strike some as a sign of trouble ahead.

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Will Investor Hesitation Destabilize a Thriving Permian Basin?

As the United States’ oil and gas industry continues to gain momentum, one of the most prominent performers has been Texas and New Mexico’s Permian Basin. Over the last few years, the Permian has come to represent the United States’ growing dominance in energy production. In recent months, however, some unexpected financial choices from some of the nation’s largest hedge funds have begun to make some investors wonder about the future of the Permian Basin.

Will the vast shale deposit continue to remain one of the United States’ most active oilfields, or does the future of oil and gas lie elsewhere in the nation?

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