Now that there’s a business-friendly administration occupying the White House, the energy industry is not only poised to recover from the downturn of the previous two years, it is looking at the potential to turn more profit than ever before. Of course, before those goals can be met, talented oil and gas professionals are required at every level. Accomplishing that task may prove more complicated than it sounds. Continue reading

At the end of April, twenty-two members of the Western Energy Alliance traveled Washington, DC in the hopes of representing the perspectives Western energy employees. Over the course of a few days, WEA members met with Senators and Congressmen as well as the Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke. Though there still remains some legislative ground to cover as the area’s oil and gas industry work toward the future, the Washington, DC Call-Up was a

On April 17, a home in Firestone, Colorado erupted in a violent blast, killing two people and badly burning a third. The explosion killed Joseph William Irwin III and his brother-in-law Mark Martinez. It also seriously injured Martinez’s wife, Erin. Though investigators from Firestone have yet to determine a cause for the explosion, the scope of their investigation extends to a vertical well operated by Anadarko Petroleum located about 200 feet from the home. The

On Tuesday, April 25, the Oregon House of Representatives passed a bill that would place an outright ban on hydraulic fracturing for the next decade. More than that, the bill — Oregon House Bill 2711 — would make it illegal to advance any rule making efforts regarding fracking. If turned into law, the bill would put a complete halt to the advancement of any fracking project in the state and might, as Oregon conservatives

On April 22, people around the world gathered for Earth Day. The annual celebration is used historically as an opportunity to raise environmental awareness and get people involved in the effort to preserve our glorious planet. In 2017, environmentalists throughout the United States used the opportunity to stage a “March for Science.” The various parades, protests, and the like were executed with the implicit understanding that science isn’t a factor for the US government when

It seems like drones are appearing more and more in our day-to-day lives. The United States government uses them in combat. Amazon is ironing out the wrinkles of a drone delivery system for its vast array of products. And now, the oil and gas industry is employing these flying sentinels to keep an eye on pipelines and projects across the world.

Get ready to meet the newest tool in the ongoing

Late last week, Judge Martin Carlson vacated a jury award of more than $4 million to two families in Dimock, Pennsylvania who claimed in 2010 that hydraulic fracturing contaminated the ground water in their small Pennsylvania town. The loss of the Dimock verdict, which was popularized in the Academy Award nominated documentary Gasland, is a huge setback for the anti-fracking movement.

Wait, So What Is ‘Gasland’?

During his Presidential campaign, Donald Trump made no bones about his support for the domestic coal industry. For Trump, the quest to save coal is a quest to save jobs in the Northeast. Since taking office, Trump hasn’t turned his back on the coal industry. Unfortunately, most experts think that the President’s legislative efforts to help a once vibrant American industry may be quixotic at best.

An Environmental Regulation Rollback

On Tuesday, March 28, Donald

Even as the United States’ oil and gas extraction efforts are reaching new levels of production and success, our neighbor to the South is struggling to keep their industry afloat. Mexican state-owned oil company Pemex is proof that oil and gas isn’t a sure bet when it comes to business.

Pemex Is Failing Hard

In early March, reports began to surface that Pemex was functionally bankrupt. One of the Mexican

While OPEC has stymied production in the hopes of clearing a surplus of oil and gas on the world market, the United States’ shale producers have gleefully amped up production to fill the hole created in OPEC’s absence. As a result, the United States’ is poised to continue a transition  begun under President George W. Bush and then heavily promoted under President Obama. Thanks to some international developments and some recent domestic discoveries, the