On Friday, Maryland’s Republican Governor, Larry Hogan, announced that he fully supports a controversial bill that would ban fracking throughout the entire state. Considering the high profile legislation that’s been making the rounds in Maryland’s Democratically-controlled state Congress, the announcement isn’t at all surprising. Hogan’s support makes the Maryland fracking ban all but a certainty, meaning that Maryland’s oil reserves won’t be contributed to the nationwide stockpile. But, is that really such a bad

Though most of the attention being paid to Alaska’s oil and gas landscape is focused on the controversial debate over whether to drill in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge, the state itself continues to yield impressive deposits of oil and gas outside that small stretch of land. Continue reading

The chief argument used by anti-fracking protesters is that, put bluntly, fracking is bad for the environment. Why, anti-fracking proponents ask, when we could implement renewable energy across the board, would we waste our time with a process that’s not good for the environment and the people living in it? Perhaps environmentalists would argue that the answer to that question is “money.” But, let’s assume for a second that the people who run oil and

As the United States’ oil and gas industry begins extracting more and more petroleum and shale, the office the President has set its eyes on a renewed push into the Gulf of Mexico. Continue reading

In Maryland, they’re proposing a ban on fracking throughout certain counties. In Florida, the entire state is considering an outright ban on the practice. All this in spite of the fact that technological advancements in hydraulic fracturing are making the practice safer and more efficient with each passing day. While protestors decry the fracking as a threat to the environment, scientists and researchers are improving the process to help ensure a future for the planet

There’s a trend moving through Colorado. As the oil and gas battleground state immerses itself in the debate over hydraulic fracturing, no corner of the energy industry is off limits for scrutiny. This issue is particularly concerning because the oil and gas industry’s donation to educational institutions are now coming under fire. Continue reading

After several weeks of back and forth, it seems as though Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman and Boulder County will be seeing each other in court. On Tuesday, February 14, AG Coffman filed suit against the state county over its five-year moratorium on hydraulic fracturing. Coffman called the suit illegal while Boulder County attorneys dismissed the claim as a waste of time. In recent months, Colorado has become a breeding ground for the fracking

The Colorado energy industry got a short delay on Tuesday, January 17 when Lafayette’s City Council tabled the vote surrounding a controversial ordinance that would allow acts of civil disobedience and non-violent protest aimed at hampering the development of oil and gas projects in the area. The council members called for the delay when three City Council members failed to show up to the meeting. The ordinance facing the Lafayette City Council is a first

As we near the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump, increasing reports from Canada indicate that the administration of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is moving away from fossil fuels as quickly as the country is able. With the Trump administration publicly focused on ramping up energy production and refinement, one has to wonder how these seemingly opposing world views will impact the historically amicable relationship between the two nations. Continue reading

More and more, the world’s business is being done online. Even oil and gas companies that don’t rely on the internet for their overall well being have begun to maintain at least a small presence on the world wide web. Of course, this innovation is a double-edged sword, especially in oil and gas. Your company needs to be online to survive, but if you’re in the energy industry your company might be a more tempting