At long last, it’s time to pull the shutters closed on 2016, one of the hardest years in oil and gas history. At the end of a multi-year slump the industry is finally beginning to show signs of life. It won’t happen overnight, but there’s every indication that 2017 will be a much kinder year for the thousands of Americans who rely on the oil and gas industry to thrive. Continue reading

Over the Christmas holidays, as many as twelve states in the country of Mexico experienced extreme gas shortages that ignited a panic among Mexican consumers, prompting a run on gas stations as locals moved to stockpile as much of the resource as possible. Some gas stations have seen lines with more than a hundred cars waiting to buy some gas. The scenes call to mind the long lines and mass frustration of the United

In the final weeks leading up to President-elect Donald Trump being sworn into office as President of the United States, the current sitting president, Barack Obama, is doing everything in his power to enact new legislation before he signs off. Of particular not to President Obama is environmental legislation. As Trump rounds out his Cabinet with friends of the oil and gas industry, is it possible that some last minute legislation will prevent

Though the fracking industry has fallen on somewhat hard times over the last few years, a new Presidency and a Cabinet filled with friends of the oil and gas industry indicate that the next few years are going to be very good for the industry. Whether you love it or you don’t know all the facts, hydraulic fracturing has become a ubiquitous part of our daily lives. Some protest its proliferation; others tout its value

Obviously, the entire world knows that the shale oil we extract through fracking and the oil we pull from the bowels of the earth are the world’s number one sources for heating our homes and fueling our cars. That gets explained to children in grade one. However, the oil products that light our homes are actually used to support and innovate an incredible number of industries you’d never expect. Continue reading

For several weeks, the Sioux Nation at Standing Rock, North Dakota garnered front page headlines across the world as they battled against the proposed path of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Now, after a series of protests, the Army Corps of Engineers have announced that they will be looking for alternative routes for the $3.7 billion pipeline. As a result, the Standing Rock Sioux have won a major victory for their quality of life. Of

Perspective is a funny thing, isn’t it? In the United States, the debate over hydraulic fracturing has reached a fever pitch as protest groups across the country have sprung up to put an end to the practice of extracting shale from the Earth. Even saying the word “fracking” can get you lynched in Boulder, Colorado. In Japan, though, it’s a different story. Both the government and the population have embraced fracking wholeheartedly, even as the

Just because a pro-energy politician has begun to transition into the White House doesn’t mean things for the Colorado energy industry are getting any easier. This week, the industry faced attacks on a variety of fronts as anti-fracking protestors have begun to diversify their efforts by moving into the courtroom. This new round of legal effort undermines the overly positive impact of fracking on the state as a whole. Continue reading

At the moment, the hopes are high in the energy industry that the next four years will see some really positive change. After a period of years in which the domestic oil and gas industry has seen a tremendous dry spell thanks to a combination of foreign meddling and increasingly harsh restrictions and regulations, even the possibility of hope is a sign of real, positive change. Of course, the outgoing President isn’t going to sit

It’s a brand new day, folks. With the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States (admit it, you were surprised no matter how you voted), it’s only natural to wonder what lies in store for the oil and gas industry in the next four years. Trump has spent a lot of time in the last several months doing his very best to befriend high-ranking members of the industry, so there’s nothing to