Who We Are

Upstream Petroleum About UsFounded in March 2013, Upstream Petroleum Management, Inc. was formed to assist professionals in the energy industry navigate the oil and gas industry’s complex regulatory process.  Our team is enthusiastic and experienced, and ready to help you with permitting assistance and support in the Rocky Mountain region.  We’ve got nearly fifty years of experience helping various clients, from major corporations down to the smallest independent firms.

We specialize in understanding the federal, state and local government regulations that so many companies overlook. We’re not just focused on the big picture; we’ve got our eyes on the details as well.

Our team has the expertise to handle nearly every step in the process. We can handle the preparation of permits necessary to drill on federal, state or private surface with a federal, state or private mineral interest.

And that’s just the beginning. You can rely on Upstream for the highest quality:

  • Applications for Permits to Drill (Federal and State)
  • Federal Rights-of-Ways (Roads and Pipelines)
  • Sundry Notices
  • Project Management and Coordination
  • Stormwater Management Plans
  • Plans of Development
  • Geographic Area Plans

Our regulatory experts can speak on your behalf every step of the way, regardless of how big your project is and regardless of who you’re working with.

Who We Work With

  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Bureau of Reclamation
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • United States Forest Service
  • Federal and State Wildlife Agencies
  • State Oil and Gas Commissions
  • State Health Departments
  • Historical Preservation Organizations
  • County and Local Governments


Our Core Beliefs Drive Success

Upstream Petroleum Management was founded upon the belief that social responsibility is critical to developing domestic energy across all sectors.

We understand that natural gas is the most cost effective, and cleanest transitional fuel that is also domestically abundant, and therefore strive to help you move forward in bringing this resource to the forefront. Our goal is to pursue available energy resources, while balancing the need to conserve. 

At the core of our company, we uphold the belief that "Time is Money" and are diligent in not wasting either for our clients. 


About President, Kim Rodell

In nearly two decades in the oil and gas industry, Kim Rodell has had the opportunity to see the industry from every angle. Whether in the field or in-house, Kim’s top-tier project management skills are universally recognized by her colleagues. Her aptitude for strategy and research is unparalleled, and her knowledge of the industry’s finer points simply can’t be topped.

Kim’s reputation for unwavering precision, efficient execution, and easy adaptability make her a perfect team leader for Upstream’s group of experts.


Email: krodell@upstreampm.com

Phone: 303.942.0506 extension 106