Kim Rodell; Senior Project Manager

Kim Rodell

Kim Rodell


In nearly two decades in the oil and gas industry, Kim Rodell has had the opportunity to see the industry from every angle. Whether in the field or in-house, Kim’s top-tier project management skills are universally recognized by her colleagues. Her aptitude for strategy and research is unparalleled, and her knowledge of the industry’s finer points simply can’t be topped.

Kim’s reputation for unwavering precision, efficient execution, and easy adaptability make her a perfect team leader for Upstream’s group of experts.

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Andrea Gross; President and Owner

Andrea Gross

Project Lead

Strong communication skills and a close attention to detail have formed the backbone of Andrea Gross’ varied career. Her indisputable talent has allowed her to work easily with interests as wide ranging as established oil and gas companies and the National Parks Service. Time and again, Andrea has shown a deep commitment to continued education as she works towards a mastery of our ever-changing industry.

Today, she uses her expansive knowledge and keen technical prowess to assist our clients in the often complex process of communicating with government regulatory agencies.

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Angela Callaway

Project Coordinator

Armed with over a decade of experience in the oil and gas industry, Angela has spent time soaking up an exceptional array of knowledge. Her dedication to accuracy is rivalled only by her ability to work competently at any level of government from federal to local. Throughout her career, Angela has displayed an expertise navigating the most complex regulatory situations with ease.

Angela’s goal-oriented attitude makes her the perfect person to have on the ground when you need a talented analyst.