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Oil Bust Fears Diminish Amid Surging US Production

Posted by admin on August 23, 2019

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In recent weeks, a handful of timid investors have stirred up controversy in the oil markets by suggesting that the international price of oil was due to crash in the coming months. That prediction may prove true for some countries in the coming months, but the strength of the United States’ production power shows no signs of letting up or crashing down. The Rolling Tide On Tuesday, the Energy Information Administration announced that the United
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What Is Gel Fracking?

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In Binghamton, a group of irate anti-fracking protestors has voiced concern over gel fracking, an alternative to hydro-fracking that experts call a greener approach to energy extraction.  What Is Gel Fracking? In traditional hydraulic fracturing (commonly shortened to “fracking” to make it sound nastier), a jet of water is shot down a well under extreme pressure. The highly-pressurized water slams into rock deep in the Earth, breaking it up and releasing oil and gas. Invented
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BLM Move Draws Mixed Response

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In the coming weeks and months, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will officially move its headquarters from the nation’s Capitol, Washington, DC, to Grand Junction, Colorado. The ambitious move has drawn praise and criticism in equal measure. ‘A Victory for Communities in the West’ Longtime fan of the move Colorado Senator Cory Gardner was effusive in his praise of the decision. “The problem with Washington is too many policymakers are far removed from the
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Weld County Puts SB 181 to the Test

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Earlier this year, Colorado governor Jared Polis signed into law SB181, a controversial bill that sought to hand oil and gas decision-making power over to the communities living among energy projects. That was the bill’s stated intention, at least, but new actions from one of Colorado’s most energy-friendly counties is putting lawmakers to the test. Power to the People When SB181 became law, Democrats hailed the decision as a victory for citizens who had spoken
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Fracking Actually Had Nothing to Do With the Firing of Ken Harris in California

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In mid-July, California governor Gavin Newsom surprised the state when he summarily fired the state’s highest-ranked oil and gas regulator, Ken Harris. Statewide outlets were quick to connect Harris’ firing with an increase in the number of fracking permits handed out to energy in recent months. In Newsom’s own words, however, that wasn’t the case (not even close). It’s a ‘Strong Arm’ Environmentalist Pipe Dream It’s a pretty attractive narrative, to be quite honest. As