Oil and Gas Pitches in During Coronavirus Chaos

It is a grim time in the United States and the world abroad. Economies are struggling. Some estimates indicate that unemployment numbers in the US have reached the same level as the Great Depression. Every industry is currently experiencing a downturn because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but few sectors have been hit as hard as oil and gas. 

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RuPaul_at_Dragcon_2019_by_dvsross/flickr.com CC BY 2.0

RuPaul Faces Backlash After Fracking Revelation

RuPaul Charles is probably feeling a little fortunate that he gets to stay out of the public eye this week. The beloved host of reality competition series RuPaul’s Drag Race is facing some controversy from a small segment of his fanbase after the casual revelation that he leases some of his Wyoming land to energy companies. 

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United States Environmental Protection Agency/public Domain

What’s the Difference Between Shale, Crude Oil, and Natural Gas?

Over the last ten days, the United States’ chief energy competitors Russia and Saudi Arabia, launched a two-pronged assault designed to destabilize the thriving US oil and gas industry. Russia is attempting to flood the market with shale oil and natural gas. Saudi Arabia is pumping out cheap crude. And the United States, awash in all of them, is preparing a strategy to stay out in front. 

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Colorado Advocates Pushing for More Renewable Natural Gas

It seems that, in 2020, the entire nation has finally gotten down to the business of fighting climate change. Climate activists, legislators, and oil and gas industry professionals are all tackling climate change with their own ideas. More often than not, those efforts are focused on increasing the range of solar and wind power as well as finding more efficient ways to extract oil and gas. 

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