Fracking Is Making Renewable Energy Possible

The chief argument used by anti-fracking protesters is that, put bluntly, fracking is bad for the environment. Why, anti-fracking proponents ask, when we could implement renewable energy across the board, would we waste our time with a process that’s not good for the environment and the people living in it?

Perhaps environmentalists would argue that the answer to that question is “money.” But, let’s assume for a second that the people who run oil and gas companies aren’t interested in completely destroying the planet just to pad their pockets. They live here, too, after all. Perhaps there’s another reason that the country continues to rely more and more heavily on hydraulic fracturing?

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Everything You Need to Know About the Boulder County Fracking Debate

After several weeks of back and forth, it seems as though Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman and Boulder County will be seeing each other in court.

On Tuesday, February 14, AG Coffman filed suit against the state county over its five-year moratorium on hydraulic fracturing. Coffman called the suit illegal while Boulder County attorneys dismissed the claim as a waste of time.

In recent months, Colorado has become a breeding ground for the fracking debate. The state’s large liberal base has repeatedly butted heads with those hoping to extract the state’s wealth of petroleum resources. In Boulder, the most recent fight is boiling down to the legal outcome of a single question.

Should the locals control fracking in their area, or should the state oversee oil and gas developments?

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President Obama Throws Up One More Hurdle for Trump’s Energy Plan

At the moment, the hopes are high in the energy industry that the next four years will see some really positive change. After a period of years in which the domestic oil and gas industry has seen a tremendous dry spell thanks to a combination of foreign meddling and increasingly harsh restrictions and regulations, even the possibility of hope is a sign of real, positive change. Of course, the outgoing President isn’t going to sit on his hands until President-elect Trump is sworn into office in January.

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