No Matter Who Wins the US Presidential Election, the Future of Oil and Gas is Hopeful

In recent weeks, as the 2016 Presidential election has lumbered ever-closer, we’ve taken a look at the specific stances that both candidates bring into the fray. From Hillary Clinton’s knack for double talk to Donald Trump’s serious need for an education, no matter how things turn out, the oil and gas industry will end up in a state of flux. However, that may not be such a bad thing for oil and gas, as both candidates seem to have big plans for the future of oil and gas.

Let’s Talk a Trump Win

Let’s start with Mr. Trump, no matter how much of a long shot his victory looks like. Though he’s a bit vague on the specifics, Trump’s buzz words surrounding the oil and gas industry has been “deregulation.” In an industry that’s been harangued by more and more regulations, Trump is hoping to win industry support by removing the limitations that bind it.

Should he combine that practice with a healthy dose of listening to industry and environmental experts, then his oil and gas policies should be a big help to the industry.

What Would Hillary Do?

This one is a toughie, because Hillary loves to talk about a community’s right to oust a fracking project when she’s surrounded by liberals, but she also blames a lot of the anti-fracking publicity on Russia when she’s surrounded by business owners. (And, honestly, does that last bit sound really far-fetched if you stop and think about it?).

At any rate, Clinton’s functional stance on oil and gas is supportive, so long as the community is cool with it, and the fracking or drilling is done responsibly.

After the Election, It’s About the Clean Power Plan

In the months and years following the election, the oil and gas industry will inevitably be confronted with a rush of opposition from environmentalists who are set on abolishing fracking (presumably so we can go back to a time when coal was the only option).

At any rate, the tip of the environmental spear at the moment seems to be the Clean Power Plan, a proposal put up by the EPA that seeks to harshly limit the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants. In all likelihood, a Trump victory will mean the potential suppression of the Clean Power Plan while a Clinton victory will mean its support.

Whether or not these regulations will ultimately spell trouble for the industry remains to be seen, though you can bet that the outcome of next month’s election will tell the tale.

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