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Supporting Proposition 112 Isn’t Going to Help People Who Oppose Fracking

Just two weeks away from election day, easily the most contested piece of legislation facing Colorado voters is controversial oil and gas measure Proposition 112. Though simple reason dictates that such a disastrous measure shouldn’t have even made the ballot, there it is, awaiting voter response on November 6. Perhaps even worse, recent polls indicate that the initiative could pass.

Not only would that be cataclysmic for the future of Colorado, but it wouldn’t do anything to alleviate the concerns of those citizens who oppose fracking, to begin with.

The Fine Print on 112

In making their case against Proposition 112, anti-energy activists are fond of trotting out anecdotal stories of individual Coloradans who are tired of living near fracking rigs. Painted as noble martyrs willing to fight against a powerful business machine, these long-suffering Coloradans look to a day when Proposition 112 will clear the horizon of these devastating installations.

It would be a neat story if the basic premise weren’t so misleading. 

If passed, the 2,500-foot setback rule enforced by Proposition 112 would apply only to new projects. In short, all derricks that opponents of Prop 112 are so adamantly against would remain. The only change to come about after the passage of Prop 112 would be the end of Colorado’s economic prosperity.

Perhaps that’s why … 

No One Except ‘Environmentalists’ Support Prop 112

In spite of a marketing campaign aimed at highlighting singular civilian complaints, people at higher levels of the government are vehemently against to Proposition 112. Both current gubernatorial candidates, Jared Polis, and Walker Stapleton have voiced opposition. Outgoing governor Hickenlooper won’t be voting for 112 in November.

Broncos legend John Elway even took the time to make a commercial in opposition to Proposition 112.

Prop 112 Continues to Build Steam

In spite of all the public officials actively working against Proposition 112, some polls suggest that the ballot initiative could eke out a narrow victory on election day.

Regardless of what you’ve been lead to believe by special interests, fracking is not the nemesis you thought it was. Before you step into the booth on November 6 and cast your vote, make sure you get all the fact about the disastrous Proposition 112.

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