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Upstream Petroleum Management, a Leader in Energy Throughout the West

Just over five years ago, Upstream Petroleum Management began with a singular mission: to make the labyrinthine oil and gas regulatory process altogether easier for industry operators at every level. A half decade later, we’re proud to stand as a pillar in the nation’s vibrant, blooming oil and gas sector.

In 2018, we continued to offer exemplary service to the nation’s oil and gas interests. Though headquartered in Denver, Colorado, we helped projects in several states navigate the complex permit process and complete an array of federal, state, and local permit requirements. When all was said and done, more than 1,000 projects benefited from Upstream’s guiding hands. 

At the federal level, we worked alongside the Bureau of Land Management to fulfill dozens of federal Applications for Permit to Drill. If you want proof that the United States has shifted into energy dominance, there it is.

Working to Create a Better Industry

As we’ve evolved, Upstream president Kim Rodell has emerged as an industry luminary. She serves on the board of the Western Energy Alliance, a nonprofit representing more than 300 companies committed to “environmentally responsible exploration and production (E&P) of oil and natural gas in the West.” The groundbreaking organization has served the responsible energy community for nearly half a century.

As members and sponsors of Women in Energy, Upstream is thrilled to empower an underrepresented, but vital segment of the oil and gas industry. 

Change Through Communication

In a sometimes volatile industry, the importance of communication is incalculable. That’s why Upstream is proud to represent the industry throughout the year at a series of neighborhood meetings. We’re happy to speak to Westerners living in the vicinity of drilling sites to assuage concerns and provide information on any and every topic on their minds. 

In an effort to build understanding in the Capitol, Upstream sent two representatives as part of a delegation to Washington, DC. There, we had the fortune to meet with statesmen at every level and open their eyes to the importance of the nation’s oil and gas.

In our own, modest way, we like to think we’ve spent the last twelve months doing our part to help the nation transition into an international energy leader, and we look forward to marching forward with the same level of enthusiasm and skill in the coming months.

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