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Why Do Democrats Need to Publicly Disown Oil and Gas to Succeed?

It seems like the left side of the aisle has painted themselves into a corner when it comes to the oil and gas industry. The crusade to curtail the United States’ energy efforts has become so poisonous that even party luminaries are being discredited for daring to demonstrate some connection to the oil and gas industry.

Down With Hickenlooper!

Let’s start in Colorado, where a left-wing government has just signed into law an extremely controversial piece of legislation known as SB181

In the run-up to the bill’s passage, opposition understandably came from both sides of the aisle, but few Democratic arguments were more poignant than those coming from the former governor of Colorado, John Hickenlooper. Unfortunately, speaking his mind has landed the 2020 Presidential hopeful in hot water with his own party. When you have MotherJones using oil and gas ties to connect you to big, bad Trump administration, your time as a Democratic hopeful is all but over. 

The nickname “Frackenlooper” doesn’t help matters.

Beto O’Rourke’s Tough Row to Hoe

After narrowly losing a Senate run against Texas incumbent Ted Cruz, Beto O’Rourke has serious juice heading into the 2020 Presidential campaign. Unfortunately, O’Rourke is currently on the wrong side of crusading climate enthusiasts because of his recent refusal to run a campaign without taking money from fossil fuel interests. That’s largely understandable considering O’Rourke received something like half a million in donations from oil and gas executives during his Senate run. 

One oil and gas opponent said, “Beto O’Rourke has talked a big game on the imperative of taking action on climate change, but we need to see him back that rhetoric up with real plans to take on the fossil fuel industry that’s causing this crisis, even if it’s difficult for him to do as someone coming from Texas.”

Just scooting right past that not-so-subtle slam on Texas’ citizens, the message is clear: Beto O’Rourke can either just say no to fossil fuels, or he can watch his chances of a strong Presidential run fly out the window.

One Thing Critics Are Forgetting

Whether you agree with Hickenlooper or O’Rourke’s politics or not, the politicians’ take on the oil and gas industry is remarkably open-minded. Here are two men who — in spite of their liberal and social policies — still openly acknowledge that the United States oil and gas industry is critical to the future of our nation. 

But what, you ask, makes these two presidential hopefuls different from the rest of the herd running for the Democratic ticket? Why would these two liberals adopt such a seemingly controversial stance just as they’re trying to woo the Democratic Party at large? 

They have first-hand experience working with oil and gas and reaping the benefits of that relationship. It’s easy for a politician to rail against oil and gas when they’ve got zero contact with the industry. It’s a more challenging feat when you’ve seen the rapidly increasing safety and efficiency of this endlessly lucrative sector of the economy. 

Though you might disagree with O’Rourke or Hickenlooper on several other issues, their stubborn refusal to turn on a vital sector of the energy industry should be commended.

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