Alternative Uses for Petroleum Products You May Not Have Known

Obviously, the entire world knows that the shale oil we extract through fracking and the oil we pull from the bowels of the earth are the world’s number one sources for heating our homes and fueling our cars. That gets explained to children in grade one. However, the oil products that light our homes are actually used to support and innovate an incredible number of industries you’d never expect.

The Modern Medical Industry Was Built on Oil

Some of the most integral implements in a modern emergency room doctor’s toolkit are composed of petrochemical products. The synthetic rubber gloves that are ubiquitous in hospitals the world over, the disposable syringes that insure patients’ safety, and even some of the medications that are used to help stabilize patients are all made from petrochemicals.

The Holiday Season, Brought to You By Petroleum

Ever heard of a little thing called plastic? It’s the basic building block of, well, building blocks. Classic children’s toy, LEGO, is actually built using petrochemical products, and they have been since their inception. Of course, they’re not the only ones. Barbie is also crafted from petrochemicals, as is pretty much every other toy your kids actually enjoy playing with.

The Sportsman’s Best Friends are All Made From Oil

Are you the kind of person who enjoys hitting the lake on a weekend and doing your best to nab a few fish? Thank oil for the lures you put on the end of your fishing rod. Like heading out into the woods to see if you can bag some game? Petrochemicals are used in the construction of shells of all shapes and sizes.

Oil is Responsible for Disco

Polyester is basically all oil … okay, everybody makes mistakes.

Your Big Night Out Wouldn’t Be Possible Without Petroleum

As you step out of the shower on your way to prepare for your next night on the town (or night on the couch, whichever the case may be) just consider that the shampoo you used to wash your hair, the hand lotion you’ll use to moisturize, and the lipstick or chapstick you put on to accentuate your lips — they’re all made from oil products.

If you hit the couch, the CD or DVD you pop in to entertain yourself or your family is made from petroleum products. If you hit the town, the guy playing guitar in the corner of the restaurant is likely plucking his tune on guitar strings made from oil products.

You Can Thank Oil For Your Eyesight

You know what’s incredibly expensive to make and a pain in the butt to manipulate? Glass. You know what’s much easier to play with? Petroleum products. Thanks to oil, the glasses you’re forced to push up your nose fifteen times a day are infinitely more attuned to your specific needs.

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