The Oil and Gas Industry Goes Green

In spite of very public comments to the contrary, the oil and gas industry is consistently making strides to ensure that mother Earth keeps spinning. Not only is the industry constantly providing brand new technological advancements that enable projects to extract shale gas responsibly, but several big name companies have actually banded together to put their money where their mouth is and fight climate change.

Oil and Gas Companies Fund Change

On November 7, a group of some of the world’s biggest gas companies like Shell and BP unveiled an investment fund under the umbrella of the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI). The group has announced a plan to invest more than a billion dollars to help reduce methane emissions at every step of the chain, from extraction to transport to industry.

In a statement, OGCI said, “We are personally committed to ensuring that by working with others our companies play a key role in reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases, while still providing the energy the world needs.”

Fracking Tech is Always Improving

The announcement of the fund comes on the heels of a year of rapid advancement in the oil and gas industry. Thanks to some innovations in the industry, some companies are able to do things like extract shale without using water. Other companies have invested millions in technology that will allow them to use recycled water and brine in the fracking process. Coupled with industry-wide efforts to effectively cut down on the amount of diesel fuel that’s used and OFCI’s plans to capture and store carbon emissions on a wide scale, the industry has never looked greener.

All this information comes in conjunction with more and more reports that indicate fracking isn’t quite as harmful as it’s made out to be. Though larger studies would paint fracking as nefarious, several local studies, like the one performed by California’s Cawelo Water District, prove that fracking is not only safe, but some of the waste products can actually be repurposed for other efforts. Even now, some fracking companies are helping farmers irrigate their land with so-called wastewater.

Oil and Gas Employees Have Kids, Too

The general consensus around fracking is that the industry is dead set on ruining the world in which we live. That perspective is extremely misinformed. The oil and gas industry has consistently demonstrated that it’s looking to supply the energy needs of the world for centuries to come.

After all, if the Earth falls apart, these guys would be out of a job. That’s simple common sense. It’s in their best interests to go ahead and play their part in preserving Earth for future generations.

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