The Oil and Gas Industry Goes Green

In spite of very public comments to the contrary, the oil and gas industry is consistently making strides to ensure that mother Earth keeps spinning. Not only is the industry constantly providing brand new technological advancements that enable projects to extract shale gas responsibly, but several big name companies have actually banded together to put their money where their mouth is and fight climate change.

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Advances in Lateral Fracking May Mean Fewer Wells and Larger Profits

In their effort to increase profit while reducing the strain on the environment, oil and gas companies are constantly looking for innovative ways to extract shale from the Earth. Depending on who you ask, the newest advancements for obtaining that shale differ greatly. Chesapeake Energy, for example, is practicing something called, “monster fracking” which could potentially boost well output 70 percent.

In Colorado, though, they’re hedging their bets on a new advancement in lateral fracking that may help reduce the number of standing wells while increasing the output of each location. The process has already been adopted by several companies like Denver-based SM Energy Company, Pioneer Natural Resources, and, funnily enough, Chesapeake Energy.

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Health Concerns Continue to Dwindle with Latest Statement from CO Chief Medical Officer

Weld County, Colorado produces 90 percent of the state’s oil. Despite all of this oil production, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has not seen any indication that the general health of this community has been affected by this work.

“I’m not going to tell anybody to go drink a pint of liquid petroleum or stand over an active well site and wave the fumes in to breath them in,” executive director and chief medical officer for the health department, Dr. Larry Wolk explained. “Nobody would argue that this stuff isn’t toxic, but it’s all about exposure to toxins, and we don’t see anything to be concerned with at this point in time.”

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